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Yesterday I went to the doctor for the first time.

My pregnancy test turned out positive, but you know, when you’ve got hormones like me, you don’t want to get your hopes up too much. So we looked to see if we could find a heartbeat.

As soon as I heard it, tears started streaming down my face. The nurse is estimating that I’m 12 weeks. That means I’m done with my stupid first trimester hell. <3

I go in for the ultrasound on Friday. Hopefully after the ultrasound we can find out just how far along I really am and maybe get to find out the gender of my baby.

I’m already feeling the weight of the baby weigh down my tummy when I stand up. It’s kinda bothersome and I feel silly putting my hands under my belly.

For the first time throughout this whole pregnancy, I feel 100% excited. And it feels 100% amazing. I don’t know why any woman would not want to go through this.

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